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Posted to YouTube, flagged for copyright violation

So I’ve finally finished work on ‘The Raven’, the short film I’ve been working on. I posted it to YouTube yesterday and the Internet Archive today. The YouTube copy has already been flagged by a bot for copyright violation.

Specifically, it’s about the music. I used a public domain recording (downloaded from MusOpen.org, which “requires all users who upload music to the site to represent that the uploaded musical composition and/or the sound recording is in the public domain“) of what I believe to be a public domain composition (Night on Bald Mountain). NoBM has had a complicated history, with multiple arrangements made by different people. Wikipedia says there were some arrangements made by Leopold Stokowski which might still be copyrighted because they are from 1940 and later, but says “The Stokowski arrangements are only rarely heard today, Rimsky-Korsakov’s orchestration being the concert favorite, and the one most often programmed.”. The same article says that the Rimsky-Korsakov arrangement was “completed in 1886, and was published in the same year…”, which would make it ineligible for copyright protection here in the United States. I therefore believe that the music used in my film is entirely free from copyright, and therefore I have the right to use it as I wish. Continue reading Posted to YouTube, flagged for copyright violation

The Raven short film

My friend Jack and I are currently working on a short film based on Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven’. Our basic idea is to have the raven not be a literal raven, nor a model or statue like in other short film interpretations, but actually played by a human actor. The same actor as plays the man. The raven is, at least in my interpretation of the poem, actually a representation of the darker parts of the man’s soul.

The costume design will be fairly simple. The raven will wear dark clothing, preferably all black, with newspaper or cloth ‘wings’ hanging from his arms, and probably a paper or paper mache beak. His hair, assuming it’s ever visible, I imagine being so slick and oily it lies flat on his head, not a single strand sticking up. He’ll be lit dimly, and may even be out of focus in some shots, so his costume will not need much detail. The acting for that character I imagine will involve mostly using different postures with little actual movement during shots. Continue reading The Raven short film