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CD review: Louis Landon’s “Ten Years: A Peaceful Solo Retrospective”

I wrote this review yesterday as a requirement for one of my university courses. I’ve never done a CD review, and my supervisor couldn’t give me any guidance except to make it about as long as a blog post. So I’m making it an actual blog post.

Artist: Louis Landon
Album: Ten Years: A Peaceful Solo Piano Retrospective

Overall I felt this album was quite peaceful. I want to buy a copy for myself now!
Below is a record of my thoughts written as I listened to each track. I haven’t edited it except to correct any spelling errors.

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New Android tablet

I just got a new Android tablet yesterday. It’s a relatively unknown brand, the ZaTab from ZaReason. I’ve been using it all day today, and here are my first impressions, in no particular order.

1- The automatic spell checker keeps underlining nearly every word I type. I know I’m spelling things correctly; the dictionary it checks against seems to have no words listed at all. What I’m not sure about is what to do about this. I haven’t tried looking for spelling dictionaries in Google Play or F-Droid, but I’m guessing it won’t be impossible to get a dictionary somehow. Maybe find a way to sideload it from my computer. Continue reading New Android tablet