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CSS President’s Column: World Population

This article was written by John Dearing for the Corvallis Secular Society newsletter, the Willamette Freethinker. It will be the President’s Column for the August 2012 edition. My normal copyright license, CC-BY-SA, does not apply here (Ignore the Creative Commons link at the bottom) because the copyright isn’t mine; email him for permissions if desired. “My View” refers to his view, although in this case I do share his view.

World Population

Seven Billion and Counting

“After remaining stable for most of human history, the world’s population has exploded over the last two centuries. The boom is not over: The biggest generation in history is just entering its childbearing years. The coming wave will reshape the planet, and the impact will be greatest in the poorest, most unstable countries.” This is the introduction to the series of articles, “Beyond 7 Billion,” currently featured in the Los Angeles Times. [1] The author is Kenneth R. Weiss. He and photographer Rick Loomis traveled across Africa and Asia to document the causes and consequences of rapid population growth. Continue reading CSS President’s Column: World Population