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12 hours left to set Chopin free!

We’re down to the final few hours now. I mentioned this wonderful Kickstarter project once before. If you’ve been waiting to contribute, now is the time!
[kickstarter url=http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/Musopen/set-chopin-free width=480]
[kickstarter url=http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/Musopen/set-chopin-free width=220]

A New Musopen Kickstarter

MusOpen is doing another Kickstarter campaign, this time to free the works of Frédéric Chopin. After their wildly successful campaign in September 2010 (see here and here for my posts about that), I have to wonder what took them so long. Not that I’m complaining; I think that releasing public domain music recordings is a great thing to do. It’s just that it’s been so long since the previous campaign, it seems like a lot of the excitement that I and others felt has had plenty of time to dry up. It’ll be hard to get everyone excited again. Then again, considering that it took until 2012 for their 2010 campaign to actually get the music recorded and released, it’s understandable that they might wish to wait a bit before going to all that effort again.

Set Chopin Free -- Kicktraq Mini
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Holy SHIT I’m getting a lot of music, and you can too!!

Ok, I’m sure that anybody who reads this blog has already read my previous post about MusOpen and their attempt to set classical music free. Or, at least you’ve seen the “Help MusOpen” box at the bottom of each page. I’ve got some amazing news, and it’s too good to not be its own blog post.

First, the MusOpen project seems to be gaining a lot of publicity on Pepsi’s Project Refresh. It’s still not in the top 10 like it should be, but it’s getting closer, and this month’s not over yet. Gotta be in the top 10 of its category to get any money from Pepsi. Continue reading Holy SHIT I’m getting a lot of music, and you can too!!

I just pledged money to MusOpen.com

I just pledged $25 to MusOpen.com. I like them. They hire professional musicians to record classical music, and then they release the recordings into the public domain. I think I first found them via Google, once when I was searching for music that I could use in a student film.

They are currently attempting to raise money through this Kickstarter page. $25 is enough to get the music on CD. See that page for more information. And, do pledge some money even though they’re already over their original goal. “Every $1000 buys a complete set of Mozart violin sonatas, or all of Chopin’s mazurkas, ballades, or nocturnes… a little money buys a LOT of music.”