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I love multiple monitors

I got a new monitor today (well, actually a few days ago, but today I put it where I want it).

I heard somewhere that people of my generation (I forget what we’re called, the generation before the millennials) have on average two screens in use at any one time: perhaps a TV and a PDA, or a computer with two displays. I, right now, have four. Plus two more that could be turned on if I wanted to.

  • In use:
    • 1 new 27-inch widescreen LCD computer monitor
    • 1 old ~20-inch 4:3 aspect ratio LCD computer monitor
    • 1 17-inch laptop LCD
    • 1 ~5-inch PDA
  • Not in use but visible from where I’m sitting:
    • 1 old ~21-inch 4:3 aspect ratio LCD computer monitor, currently hooked up to a Raspberry Pi
    • 1 6-inch e-reader

Just a few years ago, I could barely imagine using more than one screen at a time. Now four feels comfortable. Soon I will want more.