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Looking for a cheap & hackable phablet

so my Kindle Fire tablet died a few days ago. Completely dead. Once it died I tore it apart to see if it had an SD card inside which might have private data (it didn’t have a card). Now I’m looking for a smartphone or tablet to replace it.

  • Must be cheap. Like $20 cheap. All I ever used the KF for was listening to podcasts and occasionally checking email, both of which I can easily do with my laptop. I carry my laptop everywhere anyway; the only benefit to using a separate device was that I could use it without having to pause whatever game I happened to be playing on my laptop. I like to game while listening to podcasts.
  • Should be a phone, does not have to be. I have a cameraphone which works well enough, but I do like the idea of having one device that does everything. I sometimes wonder why bigger computers don’t have phone capabilities. I mean, it used to be common to see physically large phones sitting on a person’s desk right next to their physically large desktop computer. Computers even used to have modems, by which phone functionality could be integrated into these general-purpose computers. I want cell phone abilities in my laptop: the ability to make and receive calls (all laptops now have speakers and microphones) and to type SMS text messages on a real keyboard (ok, I know you can do that: you can send them as emails, but you’ve got to know which carrier originally issued the phone number. E.g., my phone number was originally issued by AT&T, so if you wanted to email my phone you would send the message to [phone number]@txt.att.net even though I’m now a Consumer Cellular customer. My point is this functionality should be built-in and should require as little guesswork/research as it does when using a phone.)
  • Must be hackable. I believe in the concept of property and the first sale doctrine. When I buy something, I want it to be mine. Not Apple’s, Microsoft’s, or Motorola’s. I want to be able to install F-Droid and CyanogenMod and Clapdroid and anything else, without having to seek the approval of some company convinced that they own my legally bought and paid for device.