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Insert Creative Title Here

As you can tell from my previous blog posts, lately I’ve been working on Mines-Perfect. This is because the original Mines-Perfect project is dead, and I don’t like that. It only ever had one developer, and that developer stopped working on it years ago. I like Mines-Perfect and I want the project to live again.

This is contrary to one of our goals in the OSS Development class I’m taking, the goal being to contribute to live projects. I want to make it clear that I have not forgotten about Firefox. I’ve been building of a list of extension ideas. I’m looking forward to developing them. Two of them seem like they could be based on my existing extension, Edit Tab Titles, so I’m waiting for that to undergo a full review by Mozilla before forking its code. I am reluctant to work on my other ideas because they seem both less useful and harder to implement. So, I’m just now googling (does that word apply when not using Google? Because I use DuckDuckGo) for “features firefox should have” to find more ideas.

I choose to focus on extensions rather than working on the browser itself because I like the idea of extensibility. It enables end users to essentially build their own browser to fit their needs. Also because I like being able to mess with long-established features (such as tab titles) and know that I won’t break the program for people who don’t install my extensions.

In no particular order, here are the extension ideas I have so far:

  • -Edit window titles, prevent them from changing when tabs are changed. Idea source
  • -Custom tab favicons (already implemented in other extensions?)
  • -Replaceable Tabs. Idea source
  • -Sync to custom location: Make it convenient, preferably automatic, to sync/backup one’s profile to a user-defined location
  • -Change Bookmarks folder icon: If, like me, you tend to sort bookmarks by domain (e.g. all bookmarks for gog.com go into a “gog” folder), wouldn’t it be convenient to use that site’s favicon? If you organize your bookmarks by purpose instead (e.g. “work stuff”, “personal”, etc.), maybe you could designate a custom image to use as icon?

At some point in the future, I’d like to add CD support to the Guayadeque music player. Scratching another itch.