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Starting work on Cybrinth again!

so I’m starting to work on Cybrinth once more. There’s a lot of stuff on my todo list for the game, the most important of which is the implementation of a settings screen so players can change settings in-game, without having to go and edit the settings file manually. Now I face two challenges:

  • Decide whether all the settings should be accessible from the settings screen, or only some. If not all, which?
  • Preferably preserve all the comments in the settings file, as I feel that they serve as useful documentation when somebody does edit the file manually.

The design philosophy behind Cybrinth

I wrote this earlier today for my game project Cybrinth. I figured I’d post it here as a blog post.

The game’s design philosophy is really quite simple: Make as few assumptions as possible about the player or the computer on which the game will be played. That’s it, summarized in one sentence. That’s the reason behind nearly every decision.

Resulting from that overarching goal are some subgoals: Continue reading The design philosophy behind Cybrinth

Cybrinth update

Just thought I’d post a small update about Cybrinth, the maze game I announced in my last post.

I’ve added AI now. The bots aren’t very smart, but they’re certain to finish the maze eventually. You can change the number of bots (anywhere from 0 to 255) by editing the game’s config file. It’s really mesmerizing, just sitting back and watching a hundred or so of them wander through maze after maze. The AIs don’t yet have all the features I’ve planned for them; I have yet to add any solving algorithms other than depth-first search, they all must find the solution as they play (as opposed to already knowing the best path to take), and they forget everything once all the keys have been found. That’s my quick-and-dirty solution to let them deal with a changing maze: when the locks disappear, the bots forget everything they know about the maze and start exploring all over again. Even if the last key is right next to the goal, there’s a good chance that a bot will turn around and explore the whole rest of the maze all over again. Continue reading Cybrinth update

Announcing Cybrinth

I’ve been working on this project for several months now, off and on (mostly off). It’s a low-priority side project that I pick up whenever I feel like programming, which is not often.

The project is a game called Cybrinth. It’s a simple maze game which draws stylistic inspiration from early video games, particularly EGA/CGA games for the IBM PC. I even decided to limit myself to using only CGA colors, though I can use all 16 of them at once rather than being limited to four like on a real CGA system. In terms of screen resolution, I opted for as much flexibility as possible: this would probably work on a screen as tiny as 320×200 (the resolution of CGA’s standard graphics mode) or on a modern 1920×1080 display. For music, I wanted something which reminds me of retro video games but still takes advantage of modern technological abilities. Something with sort of an electropop or chiptune style. The tune that has inspired me most in this regard, and which the game currently plays as background music, is “Beavis II” by Maf, found on Jamendo. Continue reading Announcing Cybrinth