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Announcing Cybrinth

I’ve been working on this project for several months now, off and on (mostly off). It’s a low-priority side project that I pick up whenever I feel like programming, which is not often.

The project is a game called Cybrinth. It’s a simple maze game which draws stylistic inspiration from early video games, particularly EGA/CGA games for the IBM PC. I even decided to limit myself to using only CGA colors, though I can use all 16 of them at once rather than being limited to four like on a real CGA system. In terms of screen resolution, I opted for as much flexibility as possible: this would probably work on a screen as tiny as 320×200 (the resolution of CGA’s standard graphics mode) or on a modern 1920×1080 display. For music, I wanted something which reminds me of retro video games but still takes advantage of modern technological abilities. Something with sort of an electropop or chiptune style. The tune that has inspired me most in this regard, and which the game currently plays as background music, is “Beavis II” by Maf, found on Jamendo. Continue reading Announcing Cybrinth