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Apps I Use: Acrylic Paint

So I thought I’d start a series of blog posts about PDA apps I use. I have two PDAs: a BQ Aquaris E5 running Ubuntu and a Motorola Moto E running Android. I’ll start with Android apps first since I don’t actively use my Ubuntu phone anymore.

Today’s app is one I installed on a whim a few weeks ago and never really played with until now: Acrylic Paint (f-droid, github).

Acrylic Paint is a very simple app: it lets you draw simple pictures using your device’s touch screen. It’s the kind of thing I might use if I just wanted to quickly sketch out an idea and didn’t have access to a pen & paper. I don’t expect to ever use this app, in part because I do commonly carry pens and paper, and in part because the kind of art I like to do is impromptu photography. Still, as a visual artist, I can see some value in keeping this in my toolbox just in case. The app’s simplicity means it only takes up 434 KB – hardly a large amount.

There is one feature that I think would really increase the usefulness of the app*, and that is the ability to import an image (e.g. a photo from the camera app) and then draw on top of that image. I may try to add this feature myself.

*edit: After publishing this blog post, I actually did add this feature to the app on GitHub. I don’t know how soon the F-Droid build will get updated.

License GPLv3+
Version reviewed 2.1.4

Screenshot of the Android app Acrylic Paint