Thinking myself into a high

So I think I’m thinking myself into a high not unlike that provided by marijuana. I mean, Mary J. makes it much easier to get high, and you definitely get higher, but similar effects can be achieved just by getting into the right state of mind. I’m on a totally natural high right now and I just felt this compulsion to start typing my thoughts. I’m so glad I learned to touch type; it’s much faster than hunting and pecking.

My thoughts are definitely going a bit faster than normal. This is one of pot’s most common effects.

Another effect that I have experienced on pot is the “choppy frame rate” effect – that is, your sense of time is so distorted that you perceive the world as moving in a very choppy way, like those old films Thomas Edison made on his early hand-cranked film cameras. What seems to set me apart is that this effect happens when I’m walking – and then I turn around, and in my mind’s eye I ‘see’ glowing after-images of all the frames I just experienced, in 3D space. I see myself and my friends, snapshotted every second or so, trailing off into the distance.

Which brings me to… well, this. What I like about pot, and what took a lot of getting used to at first, is this sensory effect that I liken to a mirror. It’s like, Mary J. holds up a half-transparent mirror in front of your face so that half of what you perceive is real visual information (coming from the external world) and half is a reflection of yourself. The challenge, for people who aren’t used to being high, is in learning to differentiate which is which. These reflections can be very surprising, and startling for those who don’t know to expect them. The sensory mirror can be a useful tool for self-reflection.

Pot’s sensory mirror doesn’t just apply to your sense of sight, but to all senses. Sight, touch, taste, even balance. I remember one high – probably my second or third true high – where I didn’t trust myself to stand upright and thus was forced to crawl on hands and knees for a few minutes. While I knew logically that I could ignore the imagined reflection and force myself to focus only on my real sense of balance, it was just easier to crawl.

You really do have to pick your location carefully when you plan to smoke pot. Your personality – even when not high – changes radically depending on where you are, who you’re with, what time of day it is, and all these other factors. Since pot accentuates your personality (it makes you more you, if that makes any sense), these differences are also accentuated.

I don’t understand people who choose to take marijuana recreationally every day. I really don’t. I use it very rarely. That way I can keep my tolerance down. Even the cheapest strains are enough for me to get really baked since my tolerance is so low, and I’m sure there’s a fair amount of placebo effect going on too – I’ve already mentioned how I can just think myself into being somewhat high. Actually smoking pot recreationally is the kind of thing that I think should be a rare experience, perhaps a reward for achieving some goal in life, or something you do with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time. It should not be an everyday occurrence – if it is for you, then you need to find a hobby or something.

A piece of advice for newbie pot smokers: Do your research. I think that’s one reason I’m writing this blog post, to document my overall impression of pot. You absolutely do not want to try cannabis without first learning what to expect. If you have friends who smoke, attend a few smoking sessions just so you can see what it does to them. Read experience reports on Erowid like I did. Search YouTube for “marijuana first time high” or “what it feels like to smoke pot”.

I also recommend keeping a computer or some other recording device easily accessible. Video cameras are good since you can just turn them on, hit record, and forget. This might make you uncomfortable since you’d be documenting the fact that you’re high as fuck, but I think it’s worth it. I’m personally very comfortable typing, so my laptop is my device of choice. The reason I recommend this is so that you can make note of any important or funny thoughts. That is, at least, if you can keep them in your mind long enough to put them into words. My friends and I, when we get high (naturally or via pot), often find ourselves writing down things that one person said (not realizing they said it in a weird way) and another person thought was really funny. Out of context, these writings make no sense, but it’s exactly that randomness that makes them fun to read later when you’re sober. I’m laughing out loud right now reading near-nonsense from years past.

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