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I’m working on Firefox extensions as I write this. This blog entry is kind of a stream-of-consciousness thing.

First, here’s some stats for my Edit Tab Titles extension: Edit Tab Titles graphs

On the one hand, I’m kind of pleasantly surprised to see so many downloads and users, considering that I’m doing nothing at all to get the word out about this extension. On the other hand, I’m not sure I trust these numbers. I mean look at the data underneath the Top Applications graph. Zero users counts as 11%? How does that work?

In other news, I found that another extension I was working on is unneeded. Last week I began work on an addon for open Firefox’s back/forward history in new tabs. Today I found that the same functionality is built into the browser. Just hold the ctrl key (to open a new tab) or shift (for a new window) when clicking the back or forward button. So, that’s one git repository I get to delete from GitHub.

I helped a friend not in this class to get rid of an unwanted, accidentally-created submodule in git the other day. I’d never heard of git submodules before. I think I could use this. Edit Tab Titles depends on a couple of other git repositories not under my control. Previously what I had done is simply clone those repos into a subdirectory of my own repo, add that subdirectory to my repo’s .gitignore file, and put instructions into the readme saying that’s what needs to be done. Thus I ensured that anyone downloading my code for the first time will download up-to-date copies of those two repos, but only if they read and comprehend the readme. Now that I’ve converted them to submodules, if I’m understanding the man page correctly, they should get cloned automatically whenever my repo is cloned.

I’ve also been working on an art piece lately (here‘s a nearly finished work in progress). There’s one feature I’ve heard of in Photoshop that I’m really starting to wish GIMP had too: adjustment layers. I may have to add that feature myself. Created an empty repo on GitHub as a reminder.

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